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UFC Strawweight Champion and also the pride of China, Weili Zhang, has shared a special video from one of his latest workouts and amazed her fanbase with her powerful body once again.

As always, Weili has shared that rare post with a simple message in Chinese (translated as: “A new day begins.”) and English. She also tagged her friends and sparring partners in the caption of the video.

Here is what’s written on the caption of Zhang:

“新的一天开始了 Let’s gooooooooo Weili!

#mmawmma #ufcfightnight #ufcfighter #ufcfortaleza #ufcfightpass
#ufc#mmatraining #mmafighter #mmamemes #mmagirls #mmaworld
@suckerpunchent @rubenpayanjr @pedrojordaobjj @john_yodpetch”

An Instagram user named Kolin shared his thoughts:

“Wow so good. Wonder woman. You always do well 👍🏻 . We are like you. Good luck my friend and your family.

Take care of your health very well.😁❤️”

Another Instagram user and Weili follower named Gabe shared his admiration:

“Big fan from Texas!”

You can watch the latest workout video of Zhang below.



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