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The current UFC Flyweight Champion and one of the most popular faces of the MMA industry, Valentine Shevchenko, has posted a couple of new photos on her official Instagram account to show off her abilities as a photographer as well as a fighter.

Valentine ‘The Bullet’ Shevchenko has shared the training tools of her and exposed that making a hard training at the beginning of the day is all she needs for a great beginning.

Here is what’s written on the post she shared:

“Everything I need for a good start of the day. 🙂👊🏻💪🏻

Morning training at #CarsonCity #NorthNevada June 2020 #travel #train #fight”

An Instagram user named George Huttinson made a funny comment under the post:

“This is why I can never Skate, there’s always world champions sparring on the park.😤”

You can check out the Instagram photo of Valentina below.



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