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As you might recall from our recently published articles that MMA star Mike Perry has assaulted an old man after he had a joyful time with his girlfriend and punched the old-man after getting a huge amount of alcohol.

Today, MMA and Dana White has made an official statement about the incident and announced that Mike will not have any fight unless he gets an urgent and professional help about his mental issues.

Here is the official statement:

“UFC is aware and troubled by the video that was released last night concerning Mike Perry. The conduct displayed by Perry is not reflective of that of our organization. Perry apologized for his behavior and acknowledged he was disappointed with himself that his actions may have reflected poorly on UFC.

He further acknowledged that he believes he has some issues related to alcohol abuse and has informed UFC that he has committed to immediately seek professional treatment, including substance and behavioral counseling. At this time, UFC has informed Perry that he will not be offered about, and the parties have agreed to evaluate the next steps for Perry following the completion of his treatment program.”

You can check out the whole statement of the UFC and the fight between the old guy and Perry below.





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