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Here’s The Exact Date Of Paige VanZant’s First Bare-Knucle Fight

As you might already follow the news that Ultimate Fighting Championship has chosen not to extend their contract and after that, one of the most

Bare Knuckle Featured

Paige VanZant Stuns Her Fanbase Wearing A Pink Bikini

One of the most beautiful MMA stars of the whole time and currently waiting for her first match in Bare Knuckle Championship, Paige VanZant, has

Bare Knuckle Featured

Paige VanZant Shows Off His Ordinary Style Without Any Makeup

Former MMA icon and currently signed and waiting for his first-ever fight in Bare Knuckle Championship, Paige VanZant, has shared a couple of new photos

Bare Knuckle Featured

Paige VanZant Says She Is Almost Ready For Her First Bare Knuckle Fight

The former star of Ultimate Fighting Championship and recently signed with Bare Knuckle FC, Paige VanZant has posted a recent photo on her verified social

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Paige VanZant Says She Does Not Care About Getting Her Face Cut

As you may remember, former UFC icon and one of the most beautiful female fighters of all time, Paige VanZant, has decided to move to

Featured MMA

Paige VanZant Will Likely Fight In Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship star which is unsigned after being released by UFC President Dana White, Page will likely be the fighter of Bare Knuckle