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While she continues to work hard for her second fight with Jessica Andrade, Rose ‘Thug’ Namajunas, has reposted a new photo on her verified Instagram account to give a great message to the world.

Rose Namajunas mentioned that the mats and the martial arts itself destroy all the discriminations, and this is some of the ways to end the issues the world faces nowadays.

Here is what’s written on the image:

“Want to find a place where you can find Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus, LGBT, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, Vegans, Paleo, Men, Women, young and old people getting along with and helping one another every day? Look at the mats.”

And here is the caption of Rose:

“People that are abusive tend to show their true colors on the mat. Many good gyms deal with these issues regularly. Martial arts brings people together ultimately.

You can check out the post below.



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