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After beating Bill Algeo after three rounds in UFC Vegas 8 event, Ricardo Lamas was recently interviewed by MMA Junkie Radio and announced that he officially has done with the MMA.

According to Ricardo, he has begun to get addicted to victories and this had to be the end when he noticed it. He also remembered how he decided to retire after the Jason Knight victory but changed his mind somehow.

Here is what he said:

“Since my fight with Jason Knight, which was a few years back, I’ve kind of been contemplating. I remember before that fight I told my wife, I was like, ‘If I have a good performance in this fight, I might just call it a career.’

But the thing with this sport is you have a good performance, and you have a win, and then you want another one. And then it becomes like an addiction and you just keep chasing those victories.”

He continued:

“Obviously, over this last year, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. In my last fight, I suffered my worst injury that I had to date, fracturing my jaw in two places. I had to have surgery. Just a lot of ups and downs in the last kind of year or two with my career, and I think that can be attributed to me kind of wrestling with the idea of hanging up the gloves.

I don’t know, I’m thinking like this now and I could wake up tomorrow and want to call Sean Shelby on the phone and see what he’s got next for me. We’ll see what happens.”

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