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One of the most popular MMA reporters of the era, Ariel Helwani, posted a recent tweet and revealed the details of his conversation between him and Reebok Public Relations. As you might already know that Reebok and UFC have a sponsorship dead until the end of the year and Helwani asked if they will renew the contract.

According to the observations of Ariel, it’s more likely that the deal will not be renewed.

Here is what he wrote:

Asked Reebok PR about the state of the UFC uniform deal. They wouldn’t confirm whether or not the deal will be renewed, only saying “that the current deal runs through the end of the year.” Again, I’d be very surprised if the deal is renewed at this point. All signs point to no.

A user named Patric criticized Reebok:

“Whoever they decide to go with please please for the love of god have a better color selection than black and white or white and black from the start.

You can check out the tweet below.



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