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The current welterweight competitor and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mike Perry, has shared a new letter on his official Instagram account and claimed that he’s the most ‘gangster’ star in the fighting business.

As you may already know that Mike will fight with Mickey Gall in Sunday, Jun 27 and this way he sends a message to Gall.

Here is the caption of Mike:

I’m just a regular dude. This shit comes natural. Danny Roberts came to fight and we put on show. I’ve never met anyone as gangster as me in this fighting shit. I hit harder and I can take more. Nobody meets me in the middle. That’s been my mistake.

June 27th you’ll see the corrections I’ve made. It’s always been all me. Never needed anyone. It will be my privilege to show my girl the savage I am!”

You can check out his latest post right below.



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