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Currently working as a commentator on ESPN and one of the most famous former MMA artists of the era, Michael Bisping, took his Instagram account to expose the scammers who tried to rob him with a fishing method via Direct Messages.

Michael warned her fan base not to fall for such nasty fishing and after sharing the screenshot of the DM he got, almost 10K people liked the post he sent including the famous manager of MMA, Ali Abdelaziz. Also, almost 200 people commented to show their support for Bisping.

Here is what Michael wrote in the caption:

“Had fun and abusive little back and forth with this asshole. If you see a DM from “Instagram help 2020” or anything like that, please, don’t fall for it. Nasty bastards as well, you should see the DM’s from them when I told them to jog on.”

You can check out the latest Instagram post of Michael right below.



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