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One of the most powerful MMA fighters of the whole history and also highly-anticipated MMA host, Michael Bisping had an interesting conversation over the size of the football and admitted that it’s a silly discussion.

After having a weird conversation with a Twitter user named Alan Mason, Michael stated that it’s a non-sense conversation but thanked Alan anyways.

Here is what Bisping wrote first:

“What the hell is euro football? Do you mean the most popular sport in the world? Football/soccer?”

Alam Mason made this comment:

The ball in American football is 12 inches long; hence a “foot” ball. Refers to the length of the ball, not the part of human anatomy.

Michael Bisping responded:

Interesting, never heard that before. Still, elsewhere you kick a ball with your foot hence “football” either way this is a silly discussion but I thank you for that insight.

You can check out the conversation below.



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