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After being defeated by Alexandre Volkanovski in 251, with a really controversial decision, Max Holloway has shared a bunch of new tweets on his official Twitter account and thanked the fans who supported him for days.

You will read the tweets of Max right below that he’s not a lack of hope right now and nothing has changed for him as an MMA fighter. He stated that he will come back really soon and prove that he’s a future Hall of Famer and still got lots to do in UFC.

Here is the messages he sent:

“Just landed in Vegas for another quarantine and was told some guys in the media are receiving threats for saying my fight was not a robbery. This is not ok. I appreciate everyone who wants to ride for me but that ain’t it.

Life isn’t fair. It’s even more unfair for many many other people in the world than it will ever be for me. People are unemployed right now with no end in sight and it’s not their fault. It is what it was. Nothing changed for me as a fighter. We proved our point. I still have my five belts at home. I’m 28 and healthy. Blessed era continues. Bless yourself. 🤙🏻”

You can check out these tweets of Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway below.



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