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After beating Jorge Masvidal in UFC 251: Abu Dhabi, lots of fans have criticized Kamaru with being so passive in the fight. However, Kamaru has shared a new tweet on his official account and paid his tribute to Jorge Masvidal by saying that he’s grateful to him.

Here is the tweet he sent:

“Grateful for the challenges!! #Respect #Andstill”

A Twitter user named Caleb slammed Kamaru harshly:

Weak! Wonder why you get no respect? Cuz you hugged the man on the cage for 20 minutes kicking his feet! Want support and the fans to ride with you? Take some chances to bang it out a bit. Zero excitement in your fights which is a shame cuz your super talented!

Another user named Nadz wrote this:

“Anyone with Kamaru Usman level of success would play it safe and smart. Get in try not to get into too much trouble during the fight, and get out unharmed. If you don’t like his style watch Boxing.”

Caleb responded back:

“I’ve been watching UFC since #1! I respect the grappling. I respect the chess game. Usman is super talented but will never have 1/10th of Jorges fans which is what he was complaining about cuz he fights safe! And now he calling a retired GSP out! Smh.🤦🏻‍♂️”



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