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The current UFC Champion and the proud of Nigeria, Kamaru ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman, has shared a recent photo on his verified Instagram account and advised the current headphone he’s using to all of his followers.

After sending this sponsorship post and named ‘Kove’ noise-canceling headphone as a game-changer, more than 40K people pushed the like button on it. One of the users who liked the post was another MMA legend, Tyron Woodley.

Here is what Kamaru Usman wrote about the headphones:

“I’ve been using these Kove noise canceling headphones lately and they are a game-changer. They have soft memory foam ear cushions that make them really comfortable. I use them when I need to focus, just connect to Bluetooth, and let them blast!

You can get these for over 60% off with Free US shipping today! Use my code SPLIT65 at

The discount gets applied at check out. 👊🏿”

You can check out the latest post of Kamaru below.



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