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Justin ‘Highlight’ Gaethje who has managed to TKO Tony Ferguson in UFC 249’s main event has posted a recent video on his official Instagram and shared the secret conversations he had with his corner during the fight.

As he thanked his team for working hard and keeping his shape all the time, he also reminded his followers that win or lose; it’s all preparation.

Here is what Justin wrote about that rare footage:

“UFC 249 Audio and Video Between Rounds

I was able to get these awesome videos of all the interactions between my corners and me during my last fight. I am never able to retain these spots, huge thanks to the team at the @ufc for getting me these awesome memories. Trevor and I clocked in on May 9th, it’s crazy how such a small a moment in time can alter your future. Win or lose it’s all about preparation and calculated risk @violent__1 @onxlabs”

You can watch the video below.



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