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The current ‘Baddest M’Fer On The Planet’ and American mixed martial fighter, Jorge Masvidal, streamed a live show on his official Instagram account to answer some questions of his fans.

When asked, who is the hardest hitter he has ever faced, Jorge named Darren Till and stated that even his jabs were hitting like a regular right hand.

Here is what he said:

“Till, actually yes. That’s who I would definitely say. Till has the most power of anybody I’ve ever faced before. I remember his lead hand. He’s very well balanced. It wasn’t just like his straight left is powerful. When he hit me with a jab, it felt like a regular right hand. It was like thudding the guy.”

A Masvidal fan named Cbass commented:

“Dana White, give Masvidal his pay, we need to see the beast again… Someone tag him, he blocked me. 💀”

You can check out both videos right below.

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Darren? 🤜💥 (via @gamebredfighter)

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