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Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, the legendary MMA star and currently working to fight with the heavyweight division, has posted a recent video on his official Instagram account today and penned a really harsh letter to Israel Adesanya.

As you might remember, Israel challenged Jon Jones after defeating Paulo Costa in UFC 253 and claimed that he would beat Jones in a possible fight. Today, Jon responded to the challenge of Israel, and simply said that he would tear his arms off if that match happens.

Here is the harsh letter of Jon Jones:

“But what? You’ve stepped into the ring over 100 times now and you’re still not ready!? You have a youth advantage and like four times the fighting experience. The truth is you’re already my pussy, you love being undefeated and you’ve seen what’s happened to everyone else. It raises your stock to mention my name, you’re aware of this.”

He continued:

“You don’t want real confrontation with me, I’m not gonna just stand there and kickbox with you. I’ve been preparing for heavyweights, right around now I would literally tear one of your arms off.”

You can check out Jones’ latest Instagram post below.



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