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One of the most famous faces of the MMA industry and the most-loved hosts of the UFC, Joe Rogan, has shared a new video on his official Instagram account to show how cooked up some ‘Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous’ chicken sausage.

As you might already know, Joe has a sponsorship deal with the company and promoting their sausages for some time.

Here is what Joe Rogan wrote:

Cooked up some Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous Italian chicken sausage for the family tonight. The loved it! Super legit stuff, all chicken thighs with no scraps and fresh ingredients.

Absolutely delicious. I had it with some hemp pasta.”

Netflix & HBO specialist Felipe Esparza commented:

“Reminds me of that scene from “Goodfellas.”

You can check out the latest post of Joe Rogan below.



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