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A currently retired MMA fighter and one of the most talkative social media users of the whole MMA, Henry Cejudo, had serious beef with Alexandre Volkanovski on Twitter.

Just like before, Henry Cejudo called Alex ‘a overgrown midget’ once again but this time, Alex could not stay silent and answered back.

Here is what Henry wrote first:

“This is the only fight that matters to my legacy and would cement me as the goat of my sport! Who wants to see me make @alexvolkanovskibend the knee!? Triple C. 🖊”

Alex responded:

Get back down your rabbit hole, you’re retired.”

Triple C. responded back:

“You overgrown midget! Sign the contract and I’ll make the featherweight division great again just like I did for the flyweights and bantamweight!”

You can check out the tweets right below.



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