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Three times Ju-Jitsu World Champion and No.1 Welterweight fighter in UFC, Gilbert Burns, posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and broke his silence after getting COVID-19 and lost his title shot chance against the proud of Nigeria, Kamaru Usman.

As you might check out the post he sent, Gilbert seems happy even if he feels sad because of the things going on, and plans to come back as soon as possible.

Here is what Gilbert wrote after getting COVID-19 and pulling off his upcoming fight with Kamaru Usman:

“Thankful and grateful for everything that’s happening in my life! I’m happy even when I’m sad! I believe in god’s Plan, I really do! I’m on my way back home! It’s just a little set back for an amazing comeback! 🙏🏾

You can see the latest Instagram photo of Gilbert Burns right below.



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