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Considered as one of the toughest MMA fighters of the history and absolute legend, Georges St-Pierre was the latest interview guest of BT Sport and exposed his real thoughts on Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov.

According to the sincere ideas of GSP, Khabib is the greatest fighter in the world right now. GSP also admitted that The Eagle is heavier than him besides he’s fighting at 155.

Here are his statements:

“I believe he is the best fighter right now on the face of the planet. Khabib is fighting at 155 but I believe he is heavier than me and walks around at a heavier weight. He is younger than me and can fluctuate whenever. I was never a big fan of weight cutting because I always thought of longterm consequences.”

He continued:

“Physically, I’m always very fit and don’t have a lot of water addition and fat. I’m at my natural walking around weight. It’s different for everybody but I think Khabib walks around heavier than me and is 185 or close to 200 and I’ve never been close to 200 in my life.”

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