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Former UFC champion and one of the most famous faces of the MMA world, Georges St-Pierre has sent a new photo on his verified Instagram account and confessed that he’s breaking his fasting time to time with eating delicious foods.

As you will read the caption, GSP stated that he’s eating a famous French pastry named ‘mille-feuille’ and we have to admit that it looks pretty yummy.

Here is what GSP wrote with the photo:

“Even though fasting is part of my life, it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a nice dessert… The French mille-feuille is definitely one of my favorites!”

An Instagram user named kingstarburrito made the most-liked comment under the post :

“I got excited for a minute, thinking this was a Khabib Tiramisu joke. I still think you could be the champ if you wanted to be.”

You can check out the delicious looking dessert of St-Pierre below.



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