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Cameroonian-French mixed martial artist and one of the most popular fighters in UFC right now, Francis Ngannou, shared a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and praised his childhood hero Mike Tyson once again.

While Francis posted some of his photos as he fights in octagon along side Mike Tyson’s photo, he admitted that ‘Iron Mike’ is his hero.

Here is what he wrote on the photo he shared:

“Role Model”

As this rare post got almost 7K in a short time, many fans commented under it. A Twitter user and the follower of Francis named Juston Barse wrote this:

“I would sell my house, cars, wife, and kids to see you and a prime Mike Tyson in the ring.”

Another user named Water wrote this:

“One of the funniest things I have ever seen was Tyson trying to show the biggest dude in the UFC how to bob and weave and sidestep with a body shot.”

You can see Francis’ tweet and some fans’ reactions below.



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