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Olympic Gold Medalist and former champ-champ of the UFC, Henry Cejudo, has posted a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account and hammered current UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski after his recent statements about him.

As you may recall Alex stated that he’s seeing Henry as a featherweight contender right now on Aeriel Helwani’s MMA Show yesterday. And today, Henry took to his Twitter account and responded to Volkanovski.

Here is what Alex said first:

“As soon as [Henry Cejudo] said he retired and gave up his belts, and then saying he would come out of retirement to fight at featherweight; I looked at him now as a featherweight contender.”

Henry took to his account and responded:

If I ever come back to MMA it’s going to be after your head your overgrown midget. I’d bet my Olympic Gold medal, my two belts and “my first girlfriend ever”, that you wouldn’t make it past two rounds with Triple C! #bendtheknee @alexvolkanovski”

You can check out the tweet of Henry Cejudo below.



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