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American MMA star and two-time UFC bantamweight champion of the world, Dominick Cruz, has shared a couple of new photos on his verified Instagram page and revealed that his limited edition posters are on sale right now.

While letting the fans know how to grab their limited edition posters, Dominick Cruz got almost a thousand likes with the photo he’s shared. He also did not forget to tag his other social media accounts in the caption.

Here is what he wrote:

The Comeback King Limited Edition & This is War Limited Edition Posters

Grab Yours Now!

#DominickCruz #DomCruz #TeamCruz #CruzAlliance #CruzControl #UnlockingVictory #ESPN #ESPNMMA #UFC #BehindTheCamera

Snapchat DomCruz619
Twitter @DominickCruz

🎨 @pakopablos”

You can check out the photos right below.



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