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A two-time UFC UFC Bantamweight Champion and also known as ‘The Dominator’ of the cage, Dominick Cruz, has posted a new article on his verified Instagram account today to celebrate his little brother Derek Cruz’s birthday with a beautiful message.

While celebrating his brother’s birthday with a birthday cake emoji, he also stated that there’s so much to come for them in the future. One of the UFC fighters who pushed the like button was former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley.

Here is what Dominick wrote on the caption:

“Happy Birthday @dnastycruz 🎂 Here’s to many more to come bro. 🎈
#DominickCruz #DomCruz #TeamCruz #CruzAlliance #CruzControl”

An Instagram user named Richie made a funny as hell comment under the post:

“If you look close, Dom’s leaning slightly off the centerline.”

You can check out that rare photo of the couple below.



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