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Former K-1 Grand Prix Champion and one of the most powerful current UFC heavyweight fighters, Alistair Overeem, was recently interviewed by MMA-Junkie and revealed what he thinks about having one more run at UFC title.

As you will check out his statements below, Alistair claimed that he’s had a really great career so far and he’s satisfied with the things he made as a martial artists.

“I am very satisfied with being very dedicated all my career. That really gives me all the confidence. The UFC title would be the crown on that career, but I don’t know. My career has so many beautiful moments. Even the last victory was a beautiful moment.

I mean, for Walt it was a little bit less nice. Even for him, I think it was – he got back in the octagon, he had a good performance, he got very close to victory and, yeah, I don’t know, just keep fighting.”

He continued by saying he’s not really hunting the title shot:

“We’ll see what happens. I’m not really hunting; it is what it is. I’m still chilling, I’m still recovering. I just restarted training, and it will all become apparent in time. I’m not really leaning towards anybody or anything right now.”

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