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The talented MMA star and Swedish professional mixed martial artist, Alexander Gustafsson has posted a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and shared his current mood after being defeated by Fabricio Werdum by submission in round one, in UFC Fight Night 174.

According to Alex, this is the sports that he’s in love with and he plans to come back as soon as possible.

Here is what Alex wrote on his official Twitter account:

“It sucks to lose but I’m alive and healthy it’s a sport, a sport that I love! Thanks, Werdum for a great fight and the UFC for the opportunity! Now let’s celebrate my brother and teammate Kamza Borz!!! He’s coming for everyone, be ready!”

A Twitter user and Alex fan named Harvey Levy wrote this:

“I’m surprised and pissed off as a fan at the condition you entered the octagon. You looked like your walking around weight when fighting at 205. You should have left your gloves in there.”

You can check out the tweets below.



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