MMA Shorts - What you need to know

What are MMA Shorts? They are a specific type of shorts which are worn by MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes and practitioners during competition or training. MMA Shorts come in two main forms - both of which are confusingly referred to as 'MMA Shorts', but there are considerable difference between the two main types:

1. MMA Shorts (aka Grapple Shorts):
These are the most common form of MMA Shorts, and they resemble standard knee-length fashion shorts but are generally made from a quick drying material such as nylon so as not to trap sweat during training or competition.

2. Fight Shorts (aka MMA Shorts, Vale Tudo Shorts):
These are the original form of MMA Shorts and were adopted by practitioners of the sport several years before the longer and looser modern style were created. Fight Shorts are tight-fitting and resemble traditional swimming trunks, but generally with a slightly longer leg. These are made from a stretchy material such as Lycra™, Suplex or similar.

MMA Shorts
come in every imaginable style, design and colour combination. Generally they have no external pockets to help prevent fingers or toes getting trapped in the clothing and potentially broken. Likewise, as a general rule - again for safety - they do not have a button or zip fly, but instead a Velcro™ fly as a metal element could easily cause bodily injury.

MMA Shorts can have various design elements which are specific to each manufacturer. Some have elasticated waists, others have a fixed waist with internal drawstring, others have a combination of both. Some also have panels on the under side which are made from stretchy material to allow maximum flexibility to the wearer when performing high kicks, and some have side seam splits for this same reason.

One common factor in MMA Shorts is that they are almost always made from made-made quick drying materials. This is because MMA athletes sweat during competition or training, and this sweat can make traditional materials such as cotton 'water-logged' where they become very heavy as the sweat is trapped inside the material. Made made materials such as nylon offer a practical solution to this issue.

Whatever your requirements, there are literally hundreds of different MMA Shorts options out there for you so you're bound to find something that is perfect for you with a bit of investigation. Best of luck! May Be For Sale
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